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At Pulse Holistic Medical Centre on the Sunshine Coast, we are holistic doctors and good naturopaths who can offer you the best medicine. That may be a natural substance, appropriate medication, dietary advice, or just general lifestyle advice. We treat you as a complex whole person, someone who is a unique individual.

This is who we are…

Kim Carolan is one of our very experienced, good naturopaths. Her particular interests are in autoimmune disease, digestive health, depression, anxiety, women’s health. She also enjoys working with enhancing memory. She has a particular interest in weight loss for men and women. Kim uses a very successful approach known as “metabolic maintenance” to help people lose weight.

Dr Mark Fulton, who founded the surgery. He is one of our holistic doctors. Mark has been on the Sunshine Coast since 1993. He has particular interests in disease prevention and orthomolecular psychiatry.

Dr Franco Ambrosio has been a skin cancer doctor for over 20 years, during which time he has built an impeccable reputation. He has the equipment and the experience to screen for and treat nearly all types of skin cancer.

Dr Tracy Johns is another one of our holistic doctors who joined us recently. She is highly experienced and well trained in integrative medicine and orthomolecular psychiatry. She is also highly qualified in women’s health.

Dr Tim Smith is another of our holistic doctors. He has interests in the gut, and in particular the microbiome, musculoskeletal medicine, and bio-identical hormone therapy.

Danielle Roberts is one of our highly regarded, good naturopaths. She has particular interests in bio-identical hormones and weight loss.

How we work

We all give time to patients and identify and treat the cause of problems, not just the symptoms.

At Pulse, we offer you a wide range of natural (and surgical) treatments to deal with and prevent disease. That is what real medicine should be all about.

 We believe that happiness and well-being doesn’t just come from taking a pill…

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Total health checks

for all patients, with a strong emphasis on preventative medicine.

Treatment of all psychiatric symptoms

with orthomolecular therapy. This treatment is innovative, successful and life changing. To find out more, please see our blog on this.

Skin cancer checks and treatment.

We pro-actively encourage all our patients to have an annual skin check.

Nutritional advice,

At Pulse we know that diet is the one most important factor that determines our health. So we are dismayed at the rubbish that some people on the Sunshine Coast eat. What is more, we are very concerned that Australia has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world. Unfortunately the Sunshine Coast is no better than the rest of Australia in this regard.

Natural medicine supplementation.

Our holistic doctors and good naturopaths at Pulse are committed to ensuring no patient of ours is nutritionally deficient. We believe most people on the Sunshine Coast are suffering from mild nutritional deficiencies. One of the reasons for that is the poor quality of our soil.

Musculoskeletal medicine.

Tim is our resident expert here. He can offer very innovative and successful treatments. Please see his blog on this.

Hormone therapy.

Dr Tim Smith and Danielle have a particular interest in this area. To that end, please click on Dr Tim’s blog about bio-identical hormones

Antenatal & postnatal care.

We also try to optimise a mother’s and father’s health before pregnancy. So we strongly believe all women thinking of falling pregnant should supplement with the right type of folate, iodine, vitamin D and omega 3’s.

Diabetes reversal and management.

Taking a drug or an injection is only a small part of diabetic management. It is just as important to have the right diet, exercise and lose weight.  What is more, we think that some diabetic dietary advice is just plain wrong. In addition, diabetic people very commonly suffer nutritional deficiencies that we are very keen to proactively treat.

Cancer prevention.

At Pulse our holistic doctors and good naturopaths know that nearly all cancers are preventable. So most of us are frightened of this deadly disease, yet we don’t realise that we can be proactive to prevent it. To that end, please see our easy to read blog on how to avoid cancer.

Eye checks.

Dr Tim has a few years training in ophthalmology up his sleeve.

Travel medicine.

In addition to the standard immunisations and drug prophylactic therapy, we can offer you treatment to strengthen your immune system. In addition, we can offer you natural supplements that help make you less susceptible to gastroenteritis. Nobody deserves their holiday ruined with sickness!

Asthma management and lung function tests.

We know a little more about the management of asthma than some other practitioners. For example, to choose the right puffer is important, but there is much more to the treatment of asthma than just that.

Cardiovascular risk assessment,

including home blood pressure measurement. So we can lend you a machine to measure your blood pressure for a week or so to gain a true measure of what your average blood pressure reading is. Yet there is much more to preventing cardiovascular disease than just controlling hypertension, or taking a pill for cholesterol. As with most things to do with our health, eating the right food is central to preventing heart disease. To that end, please see our comprehensive blog on how to treat and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Men’s and women’s health.

Tim, Danielle and Tracy have particular interests in this area.



Aged care & health assessments.

Our practice nurses are very experienced and have the time to do comprehensive health care assessments for our older patients. As part of that, we are particularly interested in the treatment and prevention of dementia. To that end, please see our blog on this


After hours care.



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