We are very pleased to offer the metabolic balance program at Pulse Holistic Medical Centre on the Sunshine Coast. This is done through our naturopath Kim Carolan, http://www.pulsemed.com.au/holistic-doctor- sunshine-coast/ This program should appeal to anyone on the Sunshine Coast interested in weight loss.


What is metabolic balance?

Metabolic balance is an individualised scientifically based weight adjustment program. You can lose weight (or gain or maintain weight) depending on your needs.

We individualise the program for the client based on their specific blood chemistry, food dislikes or allergies, and health conditions.


There are four phases;

  1. a two-day detox,
  2. followed by a two-week strict phase designed to reset your insulin levels and metabolism,
  3. you then move into phase 3 where you stay until you reach your goal weight,
  4. and then you move into the maintenance phase.

Why is it different to other weight loss programmes?

Metabolic balance is truly unique because it’s a whole food based nutrition plan scientifically customised to address an individual client’s metabolic needs. We send the client’s blood values (over 30 of them) and health data to Germany, where scientists analyse them. They formulate a plan to re-establish the best metabolic and hormonal function for that individual. The client can use this individualised plan for the rest of their life.

The metabolic balance Institute in Germany utilises a proprietary data base of foods. This data base takes into account a food’s chemistry, glycaemic load and nutrient profile. This provides a road map of the best foods needed for the client to have healthy cellular and hormonal function.

Because metabolic balance is based on natural wholefoods bought fresh and prepared by you, you learn what foods and the amount of food that is right for you. This means you reach and maintain your ideal weight, and optimise your health and wellbeing. It will also help reduce hunger and food cravings as well as re-establish and improve your natural fat burning ability. The metabolic balance program kick-starts your metabolism.

Metabolic balance works as your nutrition program for the rest of your life, so you will always look and feel fantastic. It really is more than a weight loss program…it is a true wellness plan.

There are many diet fads on the Sunshine Coast which work for some people but not others. Kim saw a client on a ketogenic protocol, and his kidneys struggled with the change. There was a little too much protein for his body to deal with. This was unusual, but nevertheless an example of what can happen with a protocol that is not specific for you.

Excellent weight loss results with metabolic balance

There are 8 principles in the program. Statistics show that if a person only follows 1, 2 or 3, they will lose 3% body fat. If they follow 4 to 5 of the principles they will lose 10% body fat. If they stick to 5 to 7 they will lose 17%, and if they stick to all 8 they can lose 30%. Typically, clients lose 3 or 4 kgs in the first 2 weeks and then a kg per week thereafter.

Kim has followed her own personal plan and has lost 4kgs, 4cm from her waist line and has had a significant increase in energy levels. She has also improved her sleep.

Kim is very excited about being able to offer this program and can’t wait to share it with clients on the Sunshine Coast.

Can I participate in the metabolic balance weight loss program without any coaching?

No, you need to participate in this programme with the guidance and support of a certified metabolic balance coach. That person is Kim, who will fully engage and support you along the way. She has the specialised knowledge and experience to help you overcome any obstacles. She will prove to be a vital element in your success.

I am on the move all day. Can I still participate?

Yes, your meal plan is so versatile that you can plan well ahead and organise every day individually. Kim will support and guide you in ideas to create interesting and tasty dishes.

Why is it so important to have a five hour fast between meals to maintain weight loss?

Your body needs adequate time and rest for the digestion of meals. Snacks often disturb this metabolic process and bring about the all too familiar cravings and hunger attacks caused by blood-sugar imbalances. Also, snacking interferes with the fat-burning process. So it is vital to consistently observe the 5 hour pauses between meals during this time.

Do I have to keep eating as I did in the strict adjustment phase (phase 2?)

No, after your metabolism has adjusted to your new eating habits and you have reached your goal, you enter phase 4. So you may then ease off slightly. However, some basic rules of weight loss still apply. For example, you will notice which foods are good for you and which foods are not. If at any point you relapse into old habits, you simply revert to the strict adjustment phase to get yourself back on track.

If you would like to know more about successful weight loss, book a free 10-minute consultation with Kim our naturopath. That way you can see if metabolic balance is suitable for you. What is more, Kim also sometimes works in consultation with an holistic doctor at Pulse Holistic Medical Centre in Minyama on the Sunshine Coast. Seeing Kim is a good way to check out our surgery.


METABOLIC BALANCE® – Winner of the prestigious MEDICAL WELLNESS AWARD, 2009. It is an all – natural weight management system that offers healthy, fast results and long-term success in weight loss.


Find out more here http://www.metabolic-balance.com/au/Home.aspx


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