Dr Mark Fulton – An Holistic doctor on the Sunshine Coast

Hi, this my baby, Leah, and me. She is better looking than her dad! I founded Pulse Holistic Medical Centre. We are a team of holistic doctors and good naturopaths who offer the Sunshine Coast something a little different. We hope to give our patients the very best complementary medicine.

I am an holistic doctor with over 20 years experience on the Sunshine Coast. So I am interested in non pharmaceutical treatments to optimise health. This integrative medicine is an eye opening, fascinating and rewarding area. So I want to share what I have learned with you. If you are looking for an experienced holistic doctor, one who has a working knowledge of the naturopathic world, I may be your man.
I am convinced that much illness is a consequence of nutritional deficiency. Many Australians are undernourished, even those who eat well. This is partly because our food is often not nutrient dense. Unfortunately, Australian soil is typically deficient in essential nutrients.
Might you be zinc, iodine, magnesium, vitamin D, B6, B9, B12, K or omega 3 deficient? Not sure? If so, I can sort that out for you.
I am also very aware that some individuals also need higher doses of certain nutrients than others to optimise their health.
Many of us are sick from what we eat or drink. For example cereal is not healthy. Some of us are being poisoned by our drinking water.

Prevention, using integrative medicine, is the way to go.


If you are interested in avoiding cancer,  (  http://www.pulsemed.com.au/2017/05/29/prevent-cancer-sunshine-coast/ ) cardiovascular disease, ( http://www.pulsemed.com.au/2017/05/29/prevent-cardiovascularEFBBBF-sunshine-coast/), treating your depression or anxiety, ( http://www.pulsemed.com.au/2017/05/29/EFBBBFholistic-psychiatry-sunshine-coast/  ) I can help you. Yet I won’t necessarily use drugs in doing so. Every day I help patients transformtheir lives using non pharmaceutical interventions.
I will give you the time you deserve. A good holistic doctor and good naturopaths treat you as the sum of a complex number of “systems.” For example, what happens in your gut is intricately connected to your heart, bones, thyroid and your brain. Too many doctors, and in particular some specialists, lose touch with this fundamental truth. I am an holistic doctor … an “integrative” or “functional” physician. As such I will also do my very best to prevent you getting sick, rather than just treat your illness.
There are some people who don’t bother to think about their health. Yet most of them will one day confront an upsetting diagnosis in the local medial centre, A and E department, or hospital. It is then usually too late. Unfortunately, that’s how “the system” works for too many people on the Sunshine Coast at present. Alternatively, It is much wiser to realise your health is not the result of a lottery. You manage your own destiny using integrative medicine, and your health is largely the product of that.
If you would like to get the most out of your body and your mind, to live a life that realises your full potential, I would love to help you. I like to think I work well with our good naturopaths Kim Carolan and Danielle Roberts. We can offer you truly holistic complementary medicine so you don’t become a statistic.

Kim Carolan – One of Our Good Naturopaths

Kim has a Bachelor of Health Science and Naturopathy, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Holistic Counselling. She is also trained in Live Blood and Coagulated Blood Microscopy, German biological medicine (Sanum Therapy), and Biomesotherapy (or biopuncture).

Kim is passionate about integrative medicine. So she wants to help people on the Sunshine Coast on their journey to health and wellness. She leaves no stone unturned to find and address the cause of health concerns. She firmly believes that this gives the body the best chance to heal. Kim uses pathology and functional testing. She also draws on many years of experience.

Kim always tailors her treatment to the individual, as she knows no two people are the same. Treatment may consist of dietary modification (of which she places a lot of emphasis) and detoxification. Kim uses herbal and nutritional medicine, as well as Sanum Therapy and Biomesotherapy.

Kim has a passion for treating autoimmune conditions (such as Hashimotos and rheumatoid arthritis). She also has a keen interest in digestive complaints, anxiety and/or depression, eczema, food intolerance’s and allergies, recurrent urinary tract infection and osteoarthritis. What is more, like all good naturopaths, she is interested in disease prevention.

She is also very experienced in helping people lose weight.

Kim’s Philosophy

Good naturopaths know that when people are healthy, well and joyful, it gives rise to a better world for all to live in. It follows that true wellness must incorporate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. So Kim wants her clients to experience health, wellness, vitality and joy.

Kim often practises complementary medicine with Mark, Tracy and Tim. This team approach means patients can take advantage of the best the naturopathic world has to offer, as well as the knowledge, the investigative ability and access to specialists from mainstream medicine. Kim and the doctors frequently put their heads together to make team decisions, with their patients. We think this the best way to manage the patient’s health.

Kim offers a 15 minutes free consultation. The aim of this is so you can meet her, ask questions and find out what you can expect from a naturopath. No treatment will take place in this consult.

Kim works Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Dr Franco Ambrosio – Skin Cancer Clinician

Dr Franco is a well known Sunshine Coast doctor. He graduated from University of Queensland Medical School. He is all too aware of the impact of skin cancer on the local Sunshine Coast community. Franco has 17 years fulltime skin cancer experience, and is dedicated to the early detection and treatment of skin cancers.

Franco has been able to diagnose twice as many curable melanomas than previously due to new state of the art equipment at Pulse. He has a full time nurse, Sue, who assists him and does all his bookings. Please make sure your skin is healthy by making an appointment with him.

Dr Tracy Johns – Holistic doctor on the Sunshine Coast

Tracy Johns graduated from the University of Queensland in 1994. She practiced medicine in North Queensland and spent a year in the UK doing anaesthetics/ICU in 1998.

Dr Johns gained her Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2001. She also has a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She is has a Graduate Diploma of Rural General Practice after working as a doctor in Mt Isa for a number of years.
Tracy then moved to Darwin where she worked as a GP. While in the Top End for 10 years, she developed an interest in forensic medicine. She was Medical Coordinator of the Darwin Sexual Assault Service for 4 years.
Tracy then travelled with her family from Darwin to Canberra in late 2012.  In 2015 she attained a Masters Degree in Forensic Medicine.  She has a Fellowship of the Faculty of Clinical Forensic Medicine with the Royal College of Pathologists Australia.  Tracy continued to work on call as a Forensic Physician while in Canberra. She also returned to General Practice.
When Tracy finished her Masters degree she thought that was the end of her studies. However she became interested in Nutritional/Functional/Integrative Medicine after a talk at her children’s primary school. It struck a chord with her, and she has gone on to do training with the Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (www.acnem.org). Then she became interested in Biobalance Australia (www.biobalance.org.au), which focuses on orthomolecular or functional psychiatry. She has been particularly impressed with the response to nutrient therapies using the Biobalance/Walsh protocols.Tracy is now a fully fledged practitioner of complementary medicine.
So Tracy is a very experienced holistic doctor, and she is particularly proficient at helping people with anxiety and depression using natural therapies. As an holistic doctor, Tracy is also fascinated by the different approaches to gut health that integrative medicine offers. She is impressed by the effect of dietary changes and nutrient therapies on a range of chronic medical conditions. Tracy is happy to practse complementary medicine with our good naturopaths at Pulse.
Dr Tracy moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2017. She was delighted to have found an holistic surgery to work in, and we were excited to find her. Tracy was booked out for a month before she even started.

Dr Tim Smith – Holistic doctor on the Sunshine Coast

Primary Interests

  • Integrative Medicine – to address the underlying causes of chronic disease.
  • Gut Health – combining natural and medical treatments for IBS, SIBO and parasitic infections.
  • To treat autoimmunity with supportive lifestyle and supplement interventions.
  • Emerging Science related to the Human Microbiome, Probiotics and the Gut/Brain Axis.
  • Low Carbohydrate, Paleo, Primal and Ancestral Type Diets.
  • Cardiovascular Risk Management with advanced lipid and inflammatory testing. (http://www.pulsemed.com.au/2017/05/29/prevent-cardiovascularEFBBBF-sunshine-coast/)
  • Hormone Restoration –  to combine lifestyle, diet and supplements with the use of bio-identical hormone replacement.
  • Healthy Ageing.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma – offered for many different applications including. These include: ultrasound guided musculoskeletal injections, erectile dysfunction and aesthetic facial rejuvenation.

I am a qualified holistic doctor with a broad range of interests and qualifications.

– an accredited general practice fellowship through the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

– a subspecialty interest in rural Emergency Medicine.

– I have also completed additional Functional Medicine training with the Kresser Institute. (https://kresserinstitute.com/).

– I have also had two years training in opthalmology.

It is very exciting to be join the team at Pulse Holistic Medical Centre on the Sunshine Coast as an holistic doctor practising complementary medicine. Like many integrative GPs and good naturopaths, my interest in nutrition and functional medicine stems from personal experience. I have had positive results in my own health and wellbeing from diet and lifestyle changes.
I have always been relatively active and considered my diet to be “healthy.” It was not until I hit 40 years of age that something changed. Up till then I had  always felt energetic and mentally sharp. Yet at age 40 I started to notice vague aches and pains and creeping weight gain. I also felt less mentally focused. The concept that this was just a natural consequence of aging was unacceptable. So, I made the conscious decision to use my medical knowledge. I evaluated some of the science surrounding diet, supplement and lifestyle measures. This led to some big changes. Within 3 months, I had dropped 10 kgs, improved my mood/focus, and eliminated all my aches and pains.
This was just the beginning of my understanding of nutrition and complementary medicine. I took on some formal training. So I now feel very confident to share what I have learned with my patients. It has been an exciting journey, but it is just beginning. My discovery of integrative medicine as an holistic doctor has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for medicine. Integrative medicine is so much more than making a diagnosis and prescribing a medication. Integrative medicine offers a systematic approach to addressing the underlying causes of disease. It also empowers patients to make truly amazing improvements in health and longevity.
My son suffers from severe Autism, so I am always trying to use my knowledge of integrative medicine to improve his life.
My goal with patient care is to provide the best of what conventional and complementary medicine have to offer. Instead of defining patient needs as from separate unrelated organs or pathologies, I like to connect the dots. I see every individual as a complex interrelated system.
The number of disease drivers is vast. They include nutrient deficiency, toxins, allergens, chronic infections, gut dysbiosis, mitochondrial dysfunction, hormone dysregulation, stress and genetic predispositions. So I am aware of all these factors when assessing and treating patients.
It is important to keep an open mind and constantly keep up to date. Integrative medicine is just in its infancy. I am very grateful to be part of this innovative approach that is likely to be the future of medicine. I am also very pleased to work with our good naturopaths.

Danielle Roberts – Another of Our Good Naturopaths

Danielle has always had a passion for health, vitality and helping others to be the best they can be. She works with patients and fitness clients to help them better understand and develop their own optimal path. Danielle helps her patients be better, happier and healthier. She wants them to talk it, walk it, then break into a run!


In 1999 Danielle qualified as a Naturopath, completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine). Since then she has always enjoyed working alongside General Practitioners.
Danielle has also co-managed a pharmacy working as both a Naturopath and Dispensary Technician. This provided her with invaluable experience with both traditional western and complementary medicine.
Danielle often considers the wise words of Carl Sagan, who said,
“It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”
Her passions extend to diet and exercise. She believes both are key drivers of the best health outcomes, including achieving a positive state of mind. She is a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Somehow she finds time to teach group fitness classes, and help patients with weight loss and muscle gain.
Danielle has pursued further study in diet and nutrition, and has recently focused her attention on the emerging field of gut health.
At Pulse on the Sunshine Coast Danielle often works along side our doctors to take a through initial case history. She then develops a comprehensive pathology report to determine an evidence-based functional assessment of health. This, we think, is integrative medicine at its best.
Danielle’s treatments may include the use of bio-identical hormones, nutritional supplementation and herbal support. Her expertise includes treatment of both male and female hormonal disorders, infertility, skin conditions, autoimmune illnesses.  Like all good naturopaths, she also treats a range of gut and digestive disorders.
Danielle also offers Quadscan body composition analysis in her consultations. This is a scientifically proven method of measuring cellular health, nutritional status, and fluid shifts in the body. It helps measurse the fat to muscle mass ratio, quality of muscle and basal metabolic rate.
Danielle also has a keen interest in children’s health, including food intolerances and behavioural disorders. She runs programmes designed to decrease stress, increase energy, lose weight, regulate hormones, assist detoxification and increase immunity.
Danielle also offers functional testing for: Hormones and hormone metabolism, 24 hr Cortisol and adrenal function, methylation status, heavy metals and digestive complaints.

Yvette Wensley and Jill Jacobs – Registered Nurses, also interested in complementary medicine

Yvette and Jill are our practice registered nurses.  They work with an holistic doctor and our good naturopaths to help provide optimum health through complementary medicine for our patients. They run our treatment room efficiently to help our patients in many ways. Their job includes wound care, patient education, adult and child immunisaitons, health assessments, asthma and diabetes education and other aspects of complementary medicine. They provide high quality medical care to help the doctors and good naturopaths give you the best integrative medicine at Pulse Holistic Medical Centre on the Sunshine Coast. They both maintain their knowledge and skills through their commitment and ongoing education.

Yvette is also a Midwife and Lactation Consultant. Her focus is on supporting and nurturing families and mothers. She has been in private practice on the Sunshine Coast for over 14 years.

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