Practice information




Fees to see Dr Mark Fulton, holistic GP, Dr Tracy Johns, and Dr Tim Smith, holistic GP.


Our practice is a private billing practice.


Brief consultation (under 5 minutes)                                 $30.00          (rebate $17.20)


Standard consultation (5-20 minutes)                               $80.00          (rebate $37.60)


Long Consultation (20-40 minutes)                                    $150.00        (rebate $72.80)


Extra Long Consultation (45 minutes)                               $230.00        (rebate $107.15)


Initial Consultation (1 hour)                                                $300.00        (rebate $107.15)

Second follow up Consultation (1hour)                             $280.00            (rebate $107.15)



PRP – Musculoskelatal                                                            $400.00

PRP – Male Penile/Erection Enhancement                          $500.00


PRP – Aesthetic       $400.00  1 Vial, $600.00  2 Vials (2 recommended.)




Fees to see Dr Franco Ambrosio for skin check

Initial consultation                                                                 $130.00       (rebate $72.80)


Follow up consultation                                                         $80.00          (rebate $37.60)


Out of pocket expenses for procedures are between         $120.00 – $200.00



Fees to see Kim Carolan-Naturopath


Kim works Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


Initial consultation ( 1 1/2 hours),                                          $140.00


Follow up (1 hour)                                                                    $110.00


Follow up (45 mins)                                                                  $100.00


Follow up (30 mins)                                                                  $80.00


Follow up (15 mins)                                                                  $55.00


(Private health fund rebates may apply.)


Kim offers a 15 minutes free consultation. The aim of this is so you can meet her, ask questions and find out what you can expect.


No treatment will take place in this consult.


Fees to see Danielle Roberts – Naturopath.


Danielle works Monday and Tuesday.


Initial Consult (1 hour)                                                            $120.00


Follow up (30 mins)                                                                  $80.00


(Private health fund rebates may apply)


Cancellation Policy

People who “do not show” will be billed for their consult at a charge of half the consult price, please give us at least 24 hours notice if you do need cancel or postpone your appointment




Urgent consultations with Mark are available on the day of request.


If your appointment is for other than a standard consultation, ( ie for several problems, a long involved problem, or for a medical report or procedure, ) please tell the receptionist when you make the appointment so that extra time can be allowed. We don’t want to rush you.


House calls


We are able to visit you at home if you are a registered patient of this practice and you are too sick to come to the surgery. Please ring the receptionist to make a time. Please appreciate that for some types of medical problems, a house call is not in the patient’s best interests due to a lack of medical resources.


We can only offer a home visit at the end of a day, or during standard hours if booked a number of days in advance, as Mark will already have appointments at the surgery booked during normal hours.


Personal health information


Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times. If you have any change of details, please let reception know so your file is current and up to date. We will ask for your email address. We will send you an occasional newsletter containing interesting information. You may unsubscribe any time.


Recall system


Our Recall system is a follow up process, whereby you are contacted in regards to the ordered tests or to receive follow up treatment.


Reminder system


If you wish to be put on our reminder system for such things as diabetes screening, thyroid screening, prostate check, full health checks etc, please speak to your doctor on your next visit and this can be arranged. Pap smear reminders are sent every two years as a matter of course.


Repeat prescription and referrals


An appointment is required for repeat prescriptions and referrals.


Telephone interpreter service


ph 131 450


Please bring your Medicare card with you to the surgery, and let us know if you change your details.


We welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have to make our practice more efficient.


If you have a complaint, please notify the Practice Manager – Debbie Davis, in the first instance. She will pass this on to the appropriate person, or discuss  your complaint with your doctor. Alternatively, please ask for a complaint form.





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