We are a group of holistic doctors and naturopaths who practise integrative medicine, otherwise known as complementary medicine, on the Sunshine Coast. We call our surgery “Pulse.”

Pulse is not a typical Medical Centre.

We provide you with a comprehensive service so you get the best complementary medicine.

Holistic doctors and good naturopaths on the Sunshine Coast

Holistic doctors can offer you not just pharmaceuticals, but the best natural treatments, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice. This is why we often work with a naturopath.

We are interested in disease prevention. We don’t just put a bandaids on problems.

So we will find and treat the root cause of a problem, not just relieve the symptoms. This is one of the reasons integrative medicine is so attractive.

Holistic doctors and good naturopaths recognise that people are complex. For example, our diets effect our brain function and cardiovascular systems. Cancer is often a consequence of nutritional deficiencies or poisons in the environment. These are things we can control. What is more, individuals have genetic differences that make them prone to mental and other illnesses. This is what integrative medicine is all about.

At Pulse, we help people eat wisely, reduce their exposure to environmental toxins, and we treat subtle nutritional deficiencies. So we offer you the best complementary medicine.

Why we can offer you a better service

Have you felt let down by some doctors or other health professionals in the past? Maybe they didn’t listen to you? Perhaps they offered you solutions that clearly didn’t work, but then tried nothing else? We will not treat you like that at Pulse in Minyama on the Sunshine Coast.

There are many reasons some doctors don’t give people the best treatment;

  • Some doctors are ignorant about some aspects of medicine. No doctor knows everything, and that most definitely includes us, but some doctors have stopped learning.
  • Some doctors are not willing to try anything new.
  • Other doctors don’t listen very well.
  • A very small percentage of doctors just don’t care, as is the case in any other profession.

There is a shortage of GP’s in Australia at present. So if a doctor lets a patient down, there is usually another customer just around the corner.

In some surgeries bulk billing has degraded the value of the doctor patient relationship. One reason for that is that bulk billing might mean there is less pressure on the doctor to provide a top service, because he or she can actually earn more money by pushing more patients through the doors. This means there is often no financial incentive to put in the time and effort to solve complicated medical problems.

We do not bulk bill. This means we are not pressured to rush consults.

At Pulse, we do not treat you like a number. What is more, you are given the time you deserve. We will listen to you. In addition, we will offer you the latest treatments from both the “conventional” medical world and the so called “naturopathic” world. This is known as complementary medicine. and we think it is the best way to help people. It is also known as “functional medicine” or “integrative medicine.” We are excited to offer this type of service to people on the Sunshine Coast.

The Integrative Medicine Approach

We may offer you treatment from more that one practitioner at Pulse. That is one exciting facet of integrative medicine, and everyone wins, as we all learn from each other.

What is more, if ever you feel we at Pulse have let you down, all you have to do is say, and we will not get stroppy or defensive…we will try to improve. For us, it is your health that is paramount; we will not let our egos get in the way of you achieving optimal health.


Some more insights from team members…

Mark – one of our holistic doctors

I am happy to have a new nurse, Jill, as part of our team.

We are also delighted to have Danielle Roberts join us, so we now have two naturopaths.

Holistic doctors Tim Smith and Tracy Johns have joined us too. That is exciting! They are integrative medicine specialists. Tim has particular interests in gut health, bio-identical hormones and musculo-skeletal medicine. He has his own centrifuge for PRP therapy and his own diagnostic ultrasound machine. Tracy is highly experienced in orthomolecular psychiatry. To find two functional, integrative GPs of their calibre has been a real coup. Tracy, Tim and I share ideas and we learn from each other. That is good for us, and very good for all our patients.

What a great team! I am so proud to work with such professional, like-minded people. For the first time in my life I can practise medicine the way I have always imagined it should be done. We can provide the Sunshine Coast with an exemplary, and quite unique service.

We have set up a new web site. This site will grow over time with new information. So please read the blogs…they contain interesting information about complementary medicine. Bear in mind that practitioners often find it difficult to explain everything during consultations, so I hope this information will help get knowledge about complementary medicine out there..

Kim – one of our naturopaths

IWE should all do an occasional detox Yet it is important for highly trained naturopaths like myself to help you. So I can minimise detox reactions and ensure effective detoxification.

Now is a perfect time to consider how you can lead a healthier lifestyle. To that end, how about rising early for a nice walk or growing some vegetables in the garden? If that happens, you might get your daily dose of Vitamin D (easy to do on the Sunshine Coast) as well as have a real sense of achievement.

To that end, make an appointment with me for your perfect detoxification program.


If you are a new Mum you probably need support and assistance. Hence I run a Breastfeeding Clinic here at Pulse on Saturdays. What is more, we also offer baby checks and advice through the week.  I am here to help.

Don’t forget you can book in using Appointuit.