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We are a general precipice with a particular emphasis on holistic and preventative medicine.

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We have three general practitioner doctors, two naturopaths and a GP who focuses solely on skin cancer detection and treatment.


At Pulse, we do not treat you like a number. What is more, you are given the time you deserve.

Pulse Holistic Medical Centre is a privately owned practice.

Dr Mark Fulton, Dr Tracy Johns, Dr Nicole Nelson’s books are now closed until further notice

We are doctors and naturopaths who practice functional, integrative and complementary medicine. We have a strong focus on disease prevention.

We provide a comprehensive range of personalised health services that incorporate typical medical treatments and complementary medicine. Our type of medicine is relatively unique. Our patients come to us from around the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Although pharmaceuticals can be beneficial for treating certain types of disease, we believe that well-being and happiness doesn’t only just come from taking a pill. Good health comes from a range of complex factors including diet, lifestyle, understanding our genetics, and much more. These factors are often unique for each of us.

Our holistic approach at Pulse considers each patient as an individual, and we work to enable a detailed, individualised treatment programme. Where possible we look for the root cause of problems, rather than just focusing on the symptoms. Our treatments may include natural therapies such as vitamin and mineral supplementation and herbs in addition to, or instead of, other more mainstream drug treatments.

In many cases, our general practitioners and naturopaths consult together with the patient. Each of our team members has various areas of expertise, and wherever possible we work together to achieve the best patient outcomes. This is what the best medicine should be all about.

Pulse Holistic Medical Centre

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