Dr Theo Likos

Having graduated from Finders University (BMBS) in 1988, Dr. Likos spent several years in general practice before undergoing further training in cosmetic medicine/surgery, an area in which he then focused on for 5 years. Being an active sports person and taking health and fitness seriously himself, he began further studies in the growing field of Integrative, Functional and Anti-Ageing medicine, in which he became fascinated and subsequently devoted much of his time studying and practicing in.

His studies and practice were further enhanced when he moved to Asia where he spent 7 years studying a wide range of treatment modalities that greatly expanded his knowledge and skill in the field of integrative, functional and anti-ageing medicine.

He developed a further interest treatment in treating a variety of complex conditions including: Chronic Fatigue(ME), Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Gut/Digestive problems,  Hormone imbalances(inc, adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones) Sexual problems, Mental Illness, Children’s behavioural conditions (ADHD, Autism, Behavioural problems), and Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease (and mild cognitive impairment) – which is becoming more and more common.

Dr Likos is developing treatment programs that are aimed at detecting early signs of memory problems, and also that can address the underlying issues that lead to Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This in turn may result in a significant improvement in memory and quality of life.

His interest in Integrative & Functional Medicine along with Healthy Ageing continued and now he takes great interest in using his extensive knowledge and experience helping people to improve their health from all conditions using both conventional and natural therapies.

Functional medicine focus on the root causes of all “symptoms” or “diseases” and is the new paradigm in health and wellness.

Dr. Theo also has special interests in the following areas of medicine:

Skin Cancer Medicine/Surgery

Dr Theo has always had an interest in surgery of the skin – having previously performed several cosmetic surgical procedures.

He has trained further in skin cancer medicine and surgery – and has enhanced his skills in this field of medicine. He is highly skilled and diagnosing all types of skin cancers and then comprehensively explaining the possible treatment options that may be required, allowing you to make in an informed decision regarding your treatment. As the client it is your right to be educated and informed -allowing you to make the final decision on your health and wellbeing.

Holistic, Whole body Medicine– each person is not a “symptom” or a “disease” that needs a drug in order for it to be fixed. Dr Theo prefers to treat the whole person holistically and not just the sign or symptoms that the person presents with. The problems are often much deeper than the initial symptom suggests, and often there are numerous underlying health issues (both physical and emotional/psychological) at play that are contributing to causing the symptom or disease or to prolonging its recovery and healing. Without focusing on the emotional and even spiritual aspect all a person’s overall wellness, true deep and long-lasting healing is often impossible.

Sports medicine/injuries– injured sports people, athletes or anyone that has been playing sport with an injury – he can assist you with the diagnosis and subsequent treatment in order for a rapid recovery.

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